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Finally Advertising & Marketing Training for Home Based, Direct Sales Beauty, Bath & Body and Health & Wellness consultants! 

Perfect for Avon, Mary Kay, Herbalife, Body by Vi, It Works, Arbonne, Xango or Any Direct Sales Company who sell skincare or weight loss products 

How to Expose your Skincare, Cosmetics & Weight Loss products to  50+ eager female buyers every month, 
All Without Holding Parties & Begging Family & Friends! 

Dear Frustrated Home-Base Consultant, 

If you'd like to discover the best-kept secrets on how and where to advertise your cosmetic or weight loss business over the internet and in your local community, keep your eyes glued to this page. 

I'm already taking heat from some "die hard home party fans" for revealing this information here. But you know what? I don't care! 

You won't find this insider information anywhere else on the web, and here's why: 

90% of all home-based consultants are not making any money. Yet you possess some of the best skincare and wellness products available to consumers today. Want to know why you can't sell your product? Your recruiter or leader didn't teach you the secret to succeeding in network marketing. The secret is "EXPOSURE". You can have the best product on the market but if you don't know how to advertise and market like a real business, you will never make real lifestyle changing income. 

Home parties is a great way to meet a lot of women and plant the seed of the business opportunity at one time---It's called working smart. But how would you like to work your business faster, while reducing rejection from cancelled parties, non buying guest and those who won't support your business? 

This website is for beauty and wellness consultants who: 

  • Have a closet full of inventory they can not sell 

  • Have a empty date book 

  • Home parties are canceling or guest not buying 

  • Can't get family and friends to support your business 

  • Don't feel comfortable talking in front of a group of people 

  • Prefer not to go into strangers homes, or invite them into yours 

  • Afraid to walk up and talk to people you don't know 

  • Want to sell product without doing home parties 

  • Are tired of paying for a website that doesn't make them any money 

  • Beauty and Weight Loss consultants who love their company, love their product but just can't seem to sell it 

How would you like to actually sale your skincare, cosmetics, shakes, body wraps to 5-30 new customers a month? I can show you how to blitz your local market to have women in your area calling you about your products and services.   

Want to gain access to my Secret 
Internet Marketing 
Training Community? 

For Serious Home-based Business Owners 

  • Learn the Internet Marketing techniques I used to Sell $1,500 a week in Mary Kay, Achieve Leadership positions in 2 more MLM companies and start 2 Internet businesses all from the comfort of my home, using the power of the Internet---NO HOME PARTIES. 

  • Get internet marketing training from six-figure income earners for just $2.63 a day

  • Learn social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest), youtube marketing, search engine marketing, blogging and so much more. 

  • Weekly Training Webinars, Learn "What's hot" in Internet Marketing. Learn how to make money off those who say "NO" to your business or offer 

How to Attract Women who are already buying your companies products online 

There are thousands of women who are currently using your products but they choose to search and buy their products from consultants who are currently advertising their websites online.  Why are they doing this? 

  • Their current wellness consultant is not returning their phone calls 

  • Their current beauty consultant don't have any product in stock 

  • Their current consultant takes weeks to deliver product 

  • They don't want to be asked about hosting a party 

  • They want to shop quickly and hassle-free 

# of Women Who Search & Buy Your Products Online 

Learn where to advertise your website so these online shoppers can shop with you too! Get listed on the major search engines in the next 24-48 hours! 

How to Attract New Potential Customers who are online looking to try and buy new skincare products & cosmetics 

Just by learning how and where to advertise your business, you can attract hundreds of thousands of women who are currently in the market to buy new skincare products. 

# of Monthly Searches Estimated by Google 

​How to Get 100 People To Your Website Checking out your products In 3 Days Flat!

The Marketing Blitz Guide will not only show you how to advertise but where to advertise to generate your own company specific beauty or weight loss or wellness leads: 

  • Where to get cheap lead capture pages to advertise (a product or catalog hostess) 

  • Search Engines 

  • Permission Based Email Blasting and Traffic Sources

  • How to Get Access to people actively looking for a business opportunity 

  • Targeted Keyword Specific Website Traffic 

  • Banner & Text Ad Advertising 

  • Offline Advertising to Blitz your local market 

  • Online Directory & Classified Advertising 

  • Social Media Advertising 

Below see how I used one of the techniques learned in my marketing blitz guide, to get 49 people asking to buy my products within 48 hours for under $7


Recruit 5-20 New Distributors Per Month by Generating your own Company Specific Recruiting Leads 

Why run your loyal customers away by begging and tricking them to join your business opportunity when there are thousands of women who are out in the market right now looking for a home based business opportunity. 80% of all the people in direct sales right now are women. Yea, I know, a great customers product testimony and excitement can sell products but not if they don't have anyone to share the excitement with. 

Wouldn't you have a thriving down-line if everyone was selling $100-$600 every single month? The way to earn that 'Big Girl" money is by recruiting others to advertise and promote their business just like you. You need a lot of people doing a little. 1000 distributors selling $100 a month, generates $100,000 in monthly group production. It will take you at least 10-15 years to build  your down-line to 1,000 strong strictly doing home parties, the internet allows you to meet 1,000 of hot prospects a day adding 5-20 new team members for yourself and each of your down-line every single month. 

The Marketing Blitz Guide will teach you how to: 

  • Advertise your lead capture page to create Mary Kay, Body by Vi, It Works, Ardyss, etc. specific recruiting leads 

  • How to convert generic female business opportunity leads to company specific leads using e-mail, voice mail blast and post card marketing. 

  • How to run classified ads in your local newspaper to build in your own backyard. 

Reach any corporate sales challenge, earn directorship, earn your companies career car, reach the top spot in your company. It can happen if you advertise and promote your business and teach others to do the same! 

What would you say if I could show you a way to use the internet to increase your customer base, profits and team size...? 

  • Learn how, to have women in your local area calling you. 

  • Learn how, to attract more internet customers in next 48 hours. 

  • Learn how, to get 10-50 women a month sampling your products without face to face prospecting. 

  • Learn how, to blast your product ad to 1,000-5,000 women in your state for under $35. 

  • Learn how, to promote your business on facebook and other social media, online women forums and groups to network and sell your products for free 

  • Learn how, to find women networking groups in your local area where you can be a guest speaker to share the details about your products 

  • Learn how, to recruit more team members every month starting today. 

  • Learn how, to get women across the US to take catalog orders from their family and friends for you. 

  • Learn how, to create your own beauty leads in your state. 

This is an opportunity that you really don't want to pass up or at least have a closer look at.  You never know what may happen...! 

Don't even try to advertise online without reading this report first! 

After you red this incredible special report, you'll never have to worry about another month of not depositing cash into your checking account. Inside you will find the exact formula that our professional internet marketer in the beauty industry, Angela Williams, uses to train her down-line right now. Angela is giving us access to the same marketing tools she used to become a director in both Mary Kay Cosmetics, Color Me Beautiful and Ardyss International, strictly from the internet.  

Here's how to start right now.. 

Your secret marketing guide will be emailed to you within 24 hours!!! Get ready because your business will never be the same. 

Download the Marketing Guide Today For Only $47, 

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Thank you for visiting our website today. I hope we enlightened you to a whole new way of working your business. 

Need help or guidance in starting your advertising methods, 1-hour private phone training available for $99, inquire today.

And if this is not for you, we wish you much success in building your business. See you at the Top! 

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